Guide to information

Guide to information

The guidance below is intended to assist by giving some examples of the type of information Nottingham Conference Centre makes routinely available and provides information about how you can access such information. Where information or a document is listed in this guidance, it will be the current version.

1. Who are we and what do we do?

a) Nottingham Conference Centre is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nottingham Trent University. Information about Nottingham Conference Centre is available on our website and on the University's website.
b) Nottingham Conference Centre’s Articles of Association are available on request .
c) Details of our services are available on our website.
d) Board membership is available on request .
d) Staff structure is available on our website.
f) You can contact us by visiting our website.

2. What do we spend and how do we spend it?

a) Nottingham Conference Centre’s annual accounts are available on request . The University’s financial statements are available here.
b) Details of loans sanctioned are available on request .
c) Nottingham Conference Centre abides by Nottingham Trent University’s purchasing procedures.
d) Staff grading structures are available on request .

3. What are our priorities and how we are doing?

a) Nottingham Trent University’s annual report.

4. How do we make decisions?

a) Minutes of meetings of the Board are available on request .

5. Our policies and procedures

a) Wholly owned subsidiaries of Nottingham Trent University adhere to the same policies and procedures as the University. Information on the University’s publication scheme is available here.

6. Lists and registers

a) Information relating to the Nottingham Conference Centre's declaration of interests can be obtained . Available for inspection only.
b) Property Asset list available .

7. The services we offer

a) The following links will provide information on the services offered by Nottingham Conference Centre:

b) Details on services for which the company is entitled to recover a fee, together with those fees are available on request .
c) Nottingham Conference Centre’s brochure, wedding brochure and Christmas brochure are available on request .
d) Information relating to Nottingham Conference Centre’s press and media coverage.

Last modified on: Wednesday 20 March 2013

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